"Step Up - The World is Calling You" - Theme for Closing Ceremony

One hundred and thirty students were honored during the annual closing ceremony on Friday, December 14, 2012.  There was a certificate ceremony, as well as presenting some aaltwards, in Hudson Hall on the Willamette University campus.  Afterwards, there was a reception party. The ceremony is the culmination of a year of intense study of English and American Studies courses taught by TIUA and Willamette University faculty members.

This class of students arrived for the American Studies Program at Willamette University in February, 2012. This program offers students the opportunity to take classes at TIUA and WIllamette University, as well as participating in various activities throughout the eleven months, such as volunteering with local charities, getting to know community members through the Tomodachi "friendship" Program, and interacting with Willamette University students as roommates and friends.

The theme of this year's closing festivities was "Step Up - The World is Calling You."  Anna Fukusawa, 2012 ASP student, won the theme contest in a vote by TIUA staff and faculty.

Attending the ceremony from Tokyo International University in Kawagoe, Japan, were President Tsugio Tajiri, Vice President Katsuya Endo, and Director Shunsuke Sekiguchi.  Other speakers included Consul General Hirofumi Murabayashi, from the Japanese Consulate in Portland, as well as President Stephen Thorsett and Dean David Douglass from Willamette University.  ASWU President Elizabeth Calixtro and Representative Shotaro Kumano also spoke on behalf of the students.  Salem community members who participated in the Tomodachi Program were also invited.

To see photos from the Closing Ceremony, click here.

To see photos from the Reception, click here.

Annual Flea Market Held

altThe annual TIUA Flea Market was held Saturday, December 8, at the Sparks Center on the Willamette University campus.  Students have nearly completed the American Studies Program at TIUA and Willamette and will be returning home to Japan, either this Saturday or after some traveling.  They will resume their studies at Tokyo International University in Kawagoe in April, 2013.

They accumulate many items during their eleven months in Salem and didn't wish to take everything back to Japan, so the flea market was created to help them get rid of some of it.  It's a great place to pick up some great deals on clothes, shoes, bedding, dvds, etc.  What didn't sell at the market will mostly be donated to local charities.

Charity Sports Day Raises Additional Funds for Earthquake/Tsunami Relief

altWe will not forget. For the last six months, a group of Willamette University and American Studies Program students, faculty, and administrators have been working together to organize Japanese earthquake and tsunami fundraising activities. Inspired by the suggestion of a Tokyo International University student, Satomi Ono (ASP2011) who was from one of the hardest hit areas, they sold bracelets imprinted with "Gambarou" and "Kesennuma 3/11" both in the United States and Japan. Their efforts netted over $700.

On Saturday, October 6, many of those same students sponsored a charity sports event in which over 70 Willamette University and American Studies Program students, faculty, and administrators participated in some Japanese games, such as jump rope, ball in a basket, relay racing, and spin around the bat. The event was well received, raising $360, and sparked interest in a possible indoor sports event once rainy season arrives. To see a photo gallery from the event, click here.

Including fundraising efforts last year and this year, TIUA has sent $6,800 to the Kesennuma Revival Association for relief and recovery efforts.


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