Registration Procedures


Students are required to register on registration day.  If a student fails to do so, the student must wait until all other students have completed registration in order to sign up for classes.  Both summer and fall semesters have registration days.

Add/Drop Classes

Students who wish to make changes in their course schedule after registration may do so by completing an ADD/DROP card.  ADD/DROP cards may be obtained from the Academic Programs Office and require signatures from the Academic Advisor and professors of affected courses.  Deadlines for adding and dropping courses are listed in the academic calendar.  Students should note the deadlines carefully.  It is difficult to get approval for an exception to these deadlines.

Withdrawal from Class

Students cannot add a class after the ADD/DROP deadline.  If a student wants to drop a class after the deadline, it becomes a WITHDRAWAL and he/she needs to complete an ADD/DROP card with signatures.  If a student withdraws, a "W" will be recorded on his/her grade report.  The deadline for withdrawing from a class is listed in the academic calendar.


For the 2019 Program Calendar, click here.alt


 Course Descriptions and Schedules

♦ Spring Courses

     • Tier A Course Descriptions (.PDF)

     • Tier A Course Schedule (.PDF)

     • Tier B Course Descriptions (.PDF)

     • Tier B Course Schedule (.PDF)

     • Tier C Course Descriptions (.PDF)

     • Tier C Course Schedule (.PDF)

♦ Summer Courses - coming soon


     • Summer 2018 - Tier A Course Descriptions (.PDF)

     • Summer 2018 - Tier A Course Schedule (.PDF)


     • Summer 2018 - Tier B Course Descriptions (.PDF)

     • Summer 2018 - Tier B Course Schedule (.PDF)


     • Summer 2018 - Tier C Course Descriptions (.PDF)

     • Summer 2018 - Tier C Course Schedule (.PDF)

♦ Fall Courses  - coming soon

          Fall 2018 - Tier A Course Descriptions (PDF)

          Fall 2018 - Tier A Course Schedule (PDF)

         Fall 2018 - Tier B Course Descriptions (PDF)

          Fall 2018 - Tier B Course Schedule (PDF)

         Fall 2018 - Tier C Course Descriptions (PDF)

          Fall 2018 - Tier C Course Schedule (PDF)


 Achievement Scale of Student Learning Outcomes

The following scale aligns the course grade to student Achievement levels for the course:


A  Exceptional Achievement
B  Very Good Achievement
C  Good Achievement
D  Poor Achievement
F  Very Poor Achievement






The Achievement Scale indicates how well learning outcomes, as listed below, are mastered for each course. 

 Spring Semester English I-V Tiered Achievement Scale (PDF)

 English VI/VII Tiered Achievement Scale - (PDF) 

 Applied English Tiered Achievement Scale - (PDF)


 Credit Transfer Information

ASP students: For credit transfer information please contact Tomoko Harpster, Associate Director, Academic Adminstration

e-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Office TIUA 228
Phone 503 373-3301



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CEA accreditation

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Equal Opportunity Statement

Tokyo International University of America (TIUA) is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment.  TIUA does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, employment policies, scholarship programs, and other TIUA administered programs and activities.  For the purpose of admission, all students must be formally admitted by Tokyo International University (Kawagoe, Japan) prior to making application to the American Studies Program at Willamette/TIUA.