Program Guidelines


(This information is in Japanese below.)

The following are expected of all ASP students in the one year program:

1. Successful completion of English I - V (Spring Semester).
2. Successful completion of at least three (3) or more ASP liberal arts elective courses and all corresponding Applied English courses
3. Attendance and participation in all "College Life Orientation" class sessions.
4. Attendance and participation in all All Student Meetings (weekly).
5. Attendance and participation in all Advising classes, meetings, and activities.
6. Three (3) TOEIC examinations (Spring, Summer, Fall); there may be additional optional tests
7. Participation in International Peer Coach (IPC) meetings and activities (Spring) and in residence hall meetings and activities (Spring, Summer and Fall).
8. Participation in community volunteer service activities and in other university events and activities is recommended











Full-time study requirement

ASP students are required to study full-time.  Failure to do so will result in sanctions and the student's status with the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be affected.

Full-time study each semester is 12 credits per semester.

Criteria for taking ASP Electives in Summer and Fall Semesters

To take 2 electives in the summer semester a student needs:

TOEIC score of 475 or higher

Note:  If your GPA falls below a 2.0 at the end of spring semester, you will no longer be able to take two summer elective courses.


• TOEIC score of 450-470 and permission of Academic Advisor

Note:  If your GPA falls below a 2.0 at the end of spring semester, you will no longer be able to take two summer elective courses.

Criteria for taking CLA Courses in Fall Semester

Students may choose to take a Willamette University non-ASP (College of Liberal Arts ) course in fall semester.  There are a number of courses open to all students and some that are restricted.  Open courses include: Exercise Science Activity courses, Foreign Language courses, Music courses, Japanese Language Practicum, Model United Nations, and Theater Practicum.

Criteria for taking a CLA Restricted Course in Fall Semester

To take a Willamette University non-ASP CLA 100 or 200-level course not listed in the section above, you must have a cumulative ASP GPA of 3.0 and a TOEIC score of 600 or above at the time of registration.

If your TOEIC score is between 550 and 595 and your ASP GPA is 3.0 or higher at the time of fall semester registration, you may petition to take a non-ASP Willamette University 100 or 200 level academic course.  Complete the ASP Petition to Take a Willamette University (CLA) Course Form and submit it to your Academic Advisor.  You must schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor and be prepared to discuss the information you have provided on the form. Please read the form and make sure you follow the directions carefully.

Important Note:  Registration for fall semester takes place in June, before the summer semester is over.  Students may also register for fall courses (CLA or ASP) in late August; the same rules are used.  If you can show that your TOEIC score increased according to the guidelines outlined above, before the end of the add/drop period, the first two weeks of fall semester, and you have at least a 3.0 GPA, then you can talk with your advisor about taking a restricted 100 or 200 level non-ASP College of Liberal Arts course, but your Academic Advisor must approve your registration.

If your GPA falls below a 3.0 by the end of summer semester, you will no longer be able to take a Willamette non-ASP restricted course in fall semester.  This means that in August, you will have to drop the non-ASP Willamette course for which you have registered.  You may choose to register for an open Willamette course or an ASP course to replace the course you have dropped.  Therefore, it is very important that you maintain good grades during the summer semester so that you can have the chance to take a CLA 100 or 200 level course in the fall.  It is also important that you achieve a TOEIC score that meets the requirements outlined above.





1. English I - Vの授業に合格すること。(春学期)
2. 少なくとも3科目のASPリベラルアーツ科目とそれに付随するすべてのApplied Englishの授業に合格すること。
3. すべての"College Life Orientation" に出席し、参加すること。
4. すべてのAll Student Meeting(毎週)に出席し参加すること。
5. すべてのアドバイジングクラスやミーティング、活動に出席し参加すること。
6. TOEICテストを3回受けること(春、夏、秋学期)。追加でオプショナルのテストが行われる場合もある。
7. International Peer Coach (IPC)とのミーティングや活動(春学期)、また寮でのミーティングや活動(春、夏、秋学期)に参加すること。
8. ボランティア活動(キャンパス内外)や他の学内イベントに積極的に参加すること。










ASP生はそれぞれの学期(春、夏、秋)の間、正規の学生 (full-time student)として勉強することが必要です。そうでない場合は処罰され、米国国土安全保障省の学生滞在資格に影響します。

正規の学生 (full-time student)としての基準は、各学期、週に18時間以上の授業を履修することです。




  • 春学期中間時点でのGPAが2.0以上で、TOEICの点数が475点以上であること。


  • 春学期中間成績時点でのGPAが2.0以上で、TOEICの点数が450点から470点の間であり、さらにアカデミックアドバイザーの許可があること。

注:  春学期最終成績でGPAが2.0未満に下がった場合には、夏学期にリベラルアーツ科目を2科目履修することはできない。







  • 秋学期履修登録時点でのASPのGPAが3.0以上で、さらにTOEICの点数が600以上であること。


  • 秋学期履修登録時点でASPのGPAが3.0以上で、さらにTOEICの点数が550点から595点の間の場合、履修制限のあるウ大CLA科目を履修するための請願をすることができる。「ASP Petition to Take a Willamette University (CLA) Course Form」に記入し、自分のアカデミックアドバイザーに提出する。アカデミックアドバイザーとミーティングの予約を取り、フォームに記入した内容を話し合う準備をしなければならない。フォームの記載事項をよく読み、注意深く指示に従うこと。

重要注意事項:  秋学期の履修登録は夏学期が終わる前の6月に行なわれる。学生はCLAとASPの秋学期の科目履修登録を8月後半に行なうこともでき、その際も同じ規則が適用される。秋学期初めの2週間である履修追加・取り消し期間のうちに、上記の基準を満たすTOEICの点数を提出することができ、さらにGPAが3.0以上である場合は、履修制限のあるCLA科目の履修についてアドバイザーと話すことができる。履修登録をするにはアカデミックアドバイザーの許可を受けなければならない。