ASP Student Leadership Program

altThe ASP Student Leadership Program was established to enhance Willamette and ASP student life and relationships with the Willamette and Salem communities. As part of this group, student leaders discuss current issues on campus, plan various events to help integrate the Willamette and TIUA communities, advocate ASP student concerns and consider how to expand relationships with the Willamette and Salem communities.

For the first time in the program’s history, one of the many leadership opportunities this academic year was at KMUZ 88.5FM, where students could work as an engineer behind the scenes, or as a DJ, hosting a weekly program. KMUZ is a local, non-commercial educational community FM radio station.

Kaho Iizumi, a 2012 ASP student, was accepted to participate in the leadership program. When asked why she applied for the position at KMUZ, Iizumi replied, “Because I like to listen to radio, I used to often do it in Japan.  Also, I was interested in working at a radio station.”

Iizumi is producing a 30-minute weekly radio show where she introduces and plays Japanese Pop songs (J-POP), and also sometimes talks about news or culture of Japan. She said it takes about 4 hours to prepare and record her 30-minute show. Before she was ready to produce a show, she had to learn about the station and how to work in the studio. It took between two and three days to learn what she needed to know.

When asked what the scariest thing about taking on a weekly commitment was, Iizumi said, “It's that I have to be careful about the content of my show.  I have to obey the rules of the radio station because I have a responsibility to have and play my own show. If some problems happen, it will be my fault.  Having the responsibility is the most serious and scariest thing.”

Iizumi also explained why this experience will benefit her in the future by stating, ”I think this internship experience brings me advantages for the future.  For example, if I get a job involving media, I can use this experience.  Also, I am the only ASP student to create and play my own show, so I am proud of myself! “

While Iizumi is currently the only student with a radio show, other students are volunteering at the station and may also try their hand at producing a show as well.

Currently, the show is heard on Saturdays at 2pm at 88.5FM, or streaming live from the website,

To see some photos from the radio station, click here.

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