A Message from President Takahashi


The American Studies Program (ASP) at Willamette University and TIUA is the best place to study global issues and learn to become a truly internationally minded citizen who can be a leader and facilitator in the increasingly more complex and more challenging world.  I strongly recommend to those of you who want to prepare for jobs awaiting you in our global society that you participate in the American Studies Program at Willamette University and TIUA.

A truly internationally minded leader possesses the capabilities to better communicate with people from different cultures, speaking different languages, and to more thoroughly understand the ways of thinking and feeling that others have in other countries, in order to appropriately connect global matters and local problems to find better solutions from various perspectives. You will be able to acquire in the ASP the above capabilities by learning the English language and other subject courses, taking part in co-curricular activities, studying and living with American students, and experiencing life in Salem and other cities in the U.S.A.

At Willamette University and TIUA, you will be sure to take advantage of gaining international mindedness and comprehending local issues at the same time, as well as to have unrivalled ability to play indispensable roles in the global community. To help students realize these opportunities, the University provides particular features in its learning system: for example, ASP students are able to take WU regular courses, study and live in the WU community, develop English language fluency depending on each student’s English language level, and benefit from a variety of learning support systems.

I hope as many students as possible decide to enroll in the American Studies Program at WU and TIUA, joining company with the group of enterprising ASP students and alumni who have done so since the first ASP class of 1989.

- President Hiroshi Takahashi

Tokyo International University and

Tokyo International University of America