2020 English Language and American Studies Program (ASP) Calendar

(Dates Subject to Change)

 February 3                             

 Arrival of ASP Students

 February 3-7                          

 Opening Days -- Orientation

 February 10                            

 ASP Spring Semester Classes Begin

 February 29                            

 Black Tie

 March 14                                

 Pow Wow

 March 21-29                          

 Spring Break

 April 2                                    

 TOEIC Test (Mandatory)

 April 6                                    

 All-Campus Housing Lottery (6-10pm)

 April 18                                  

 Hawaii Club Luau

 April 23                                              

 ASP Summer Registration Forms Due

 May 6             

 Spring Semester Ends

 May 7-14                                

 Inter-Semester Break

 May 15

 Students must be on campus to prepare for Moving   Day and check out of room.

 Mandatory meeting 3:00pm

 May 16                                   

 Summer Moving Day - Mandatory

 May 17                                   

 WU Baccalaureate and Commencement

 May 18                                   

 Summer Semester Classes Begin (6 wks)

 May 25                                   

 Memorial Day (National Holiday) – no classes/   Offices Closed

 May 27                                   

 TOEFL Test (Optional)

 June 3                                     

 TOEIC Test (Mandatory)

 June 10                                   

 ASP Fall Registration

 June 17                                   

 Fall WU Registration forms due

 June 26                                   

 Summer Semester Ends

 August 17                              

 Campus Life Orientation 2:00pm – MANDATORY --   All students must be back on campus

 August 18                              

 Move into Fall Housing (Mandatory)

 August 26                              

 Willamette U Opening Days Begin

 August 27                              

 Fall Semester Academic Orientation

 August 31                              

 Fall Semester Classes Begin

 September 7                           

 Labor Day (National Holiday) - no classes

 September 11                         

 TOEFL Test (Optional)

 September 14                         

 Last Day to add a course or drop a full or 1st half   semester course

 October 16                              

 Mid-Semester Day (no classes)

 November 6    Potential date change

 TOEFL Test (Optional)

 November 14  Potential date change

 TOEIC Test (Mandatory)

 November 21-29                    

 Fall Break (no classes)

 December 11                          

 Last Day of Classes

 December 12                          

 ASP Flea Market

 December 14

 Co-Curricular Honors & Awards

 December 18                          

 Fall Semester Ends/Closing Ceremony

 December 19